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Digital Advertising

Digital advertising can be complex with multiple channels each with their own opportunities, limitations and challenges. We take care of all of that for you by ensuring each campaign is targeted, configured and optimized according to each platform’s best practices.


Is your website and all its webpages being found in search engines? Do you want more organic traffic to your website? Let us give you an SEO once over by scanning and analyzing your website to find any SEO issues there might be and through keyword research, let us guide you how to get more un-paid/organic traffic to your website.

Email Strategy

Although we would love for every first-time visitor to our website to make a donation or purchase a product, the reality is that most visitor journeys are much longer. To nurture the leads that you acquire down the purchase or donor journey path, we provide email strategies and solutions to engage and your leads and nudge them towards a conversion.

Digital Accountability

Compared to traditional marketing through television, billboard or direct mail, digital marketing has the benefit of direct attribution. Being able to determine the result of each dollar spent can be invaluable to an organization. But getting and measuring these results doesn’t come right out of the box. For each campaign we launch we ensure that KPIs are defined and that the technology behind measuring them is in place.

Funnel Optimization

Getting conversions on your website is the most challenging aspect of digital marketing next to getting traffic. What is a conversion to you? Well it can many things including getting an email signup, a donation, a purchase or perhaps just having a visitor visit an important page on your website. We help you make decisions as to how to improve your conversion rate through landing page optimization, website structure adjustments and sometimes as simply as suggestions to make your call-to-action more visible.

Website Updates

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